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Taylor Swift’s postponed concert and talks of Matty Healy romance

Ready for It! Taylor Swift’s Nashville performance was postponed by FOUR HOURS due to a severe weather warning, but she is now able to perform following a lightning scare amid Sparks Flying with Matty Healy.

Due to lightning, Taylor’s third concert at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium was delayed in opening because fans had to shelter in place until the storm passed.

Swift’s 2010 song Sparks Fly was cited in a tweet from Nissan Stadium informing concertgoers that the lightning warning has been removed.

“Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain.” Officially, Shelter in Place has ended. Fans, kindly begin advancing to your places. Taylor Swift will take the stage after production is finished.

Swift wrote on Instagram that she had been affected by the “beautiful, giving Nashville crowds” and that she would be going into the stage later than planned. Simply put, it defies belief. PS I am aware that there is talk of rain tonight, but I am prepared to perform. See you soon!

Additionally on Sunday, Taylor’s song Carolina from Where The Crawdads Sing received Best Song at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

The 12-time Grammy winner ruled the stage while wearing a variety of ensembles, such as a rhinestone leotard with nude tights and a seductive one-legged black bodysuit embellished with ruby red snakes.

To energize fans for this tour, the hitmaker recently released four new songs, three of which are re-recordings of earlier tracks.

Following her second performance in Nashville, the 33-year-old starlet was first seen entering her apartment around 12:30AM on Sunday with her rumored boyfriend Matty Healy, 34.

Matty was still sporting the bracelet he had on earlier that night while attending her concert as they sat next to one another in the rear of their chauffeured car.

Less than a month has passed since Taylor’s breakup with her longtime boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn.

Many Swifties, or her devoted and discerning fans, claimed that some of the singer’s closest friends and inner circle allegedly broke ties on Instagram shortly after being spotted with the star and possibly understanding what had transpired.

The bold social media posts seemed to imply that there might be more to the breakup than is widely believed.

For example, after catching up with longtime friends Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds over dinner, the Deadpool actor allegedly unfollowed Alwyn right afterwards.

Ryan had previously gushed about the British actor and their six-year acquaintance in a TIME100 Next feature published in September 2022, so the clear snub was a surprising decision. Alwyn is not currently followed by his wife.

The alleged couple reportedly intended to declare their relationship over the weekend while she was in Nashville, according to a Thursday article in The Sun.

On Saturday, Matty played his guitar while he appeared on stage with Taylor’s opening act. It remains to be seen if he will return to the stage to share the platform with the composer of the popular song “Blank Space.”

This week’s rumors about Taylor and Matty’s relationship were first made public on Wednesday, when a different insider told The Sun, “She and Matty are madly in love.”

Although it is extremely early, it seems right. Nearly ten years ago, they very briefly began dating, but the timing just wasn’t right, the insider continued.

According to the insider, “Taylor and Joe actually split up back in February, so there was absolutely no crossover” regarding her ex.

Taylor can’t wait to see him again because both Matty and Taylor have been on tour over the previous few weeks, the source said, adding that the two celebrities “are incredibly supportive of their respective careers.”

They are both quite happy and proud of their relationship, and unlike Taylor’s last one, which was purposefully kept out of the public eye, she wants to “own” this romance rather than conceal it.

Matty is now on tour with his band, The 1975, while Taylor is concentrating on her Eras Tour, which is scheduled to come to an end in August of this year.

The Robbers musician was reportedly seen spending time at Taylor’s Nashville townhouse earlier on Friday night before making a surprise entrance to join the opening act. He was then seen making a quick Starbucks run.

The British-born musician was taken by a security officer to a sleek, white SUV that was parked nearby as he left the well-known coffee shop chain on Saturday. He had a warm drink in his hand and was also using his smartphone.

Healy was then seen making his way to Nissan Stadium in the center of Nashville before Taylor’s Saturday night performance there after grabbing a drink to give himself a lift.

He was spotted dancing with other concertgoers in a protected area on the floor of the arena earlier on Friday while Swift sung her hit song, Shake It Off.

After being shared on Twitter, the video immediately gained popularity amid suspicions that Matty and Taylor are developing a romance.

Despite rumors that the two had started dating, neither singer has come out and admitted they are in a relationship.

Do you think that Taylor and Matty are better suited for each other? How long do you think will their relationship last? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Feel free to share this with your friends. Bye now!

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