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Tom Cruise and Shakira – lovey dovey at 2023 miami formula one grand prix

Tom Cruise and Shakira, who attended the 2023 Miami Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday, socialized together.

The 60-year-old icon looked like a dashing hunk with his unkempt mane and white polo shirt as he congratulated King Charles on his coronation while flying a vintage fighter plane.

Shakira, 46, appeared to be having a great time with the Mission: Impossible star while sporting a stunning green shirt that displayed her cleavage.

The A-list pair watched the thrilling race following Shakira’s mention of her ex-husband Girard Pique while winning the Billboard Woman of the Year Award at the Latin Women in Music Gala on Saturday.

One year after their bitter breakup, the Colombian beauty grew clearly distraught while expressing her opinions on love and relationships.

“It doesn’t really matter if someone is faithful or not”, Shakira stated from the stage, “What matters is if you continue to be faithful to yourself.”

The singer of Whenever, Wherever concluded her remarks by stating that she relied on her music to get her through challenging times.

Music, according to her, “put me on the path back to myself” at a time when she felt the most lost.

Following his breakup with Shakira, Pique was plagued by allegations that he had cheated, and he has now started dating Clara Chia.

‘There comes a period in every woman’s life when she no longer depends on someone to love or accept herself as she is,’ continued Shakira.

When the need to be perfect is replaced by the desire to be real, she claimed, the quest for the other is replaced by the search for oneself.

Then Shakira addressed all women, adding, “Women are much stronger than we think.” We are more courageous than we realize. We may also be more autonomous than we were trained to be, in my opinion.

What woman hasn’t experienced the feeling of putting others’ needs before her own and forgetting about herself? I experienced that,” she stated.

After receiving an “eviction notice” from Gerard Piqué’s father, Joan Piqué, Shakira apparently departed her beloved Barcelona for good last year, ending the couple’s 11-year marriage.

According to Spanish media, it happened after she got a request that she and her parents vacate the former family home of the ex-couple.

In the same residence, facing her mother-in-law’s house, Shakira is rumored to have placed a witch doll on her balcony.

The singer eventually made a lengthy Instagram message in Spanish urging the public to respect her privacy so that her children can live their life in peace without the “constant scrutiny of cameras.” The estranged couple has two sons together, Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8.

Ooh, looking good together, Tom and Shakira. What do you think of this good-looking pair? Go ahead and leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Sign-up for our newsletter as well. Have a good one! Bye!

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