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Behati Prinsloo Reveals Excruciating Details of Child Birth

Behati Prinsloo, the stunning Victoria’s Secret model, has finally spilled the beans on her latest addition to the Levine clan. In an exclusive interview on the podcast The Mother Daze, the 35-year-old runway sensation excitedly revealed that her third child with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is, drumroll, a bouncing baby boy!

Behati and her 44-year-old rockstar hubby are already proud parents to Dusty Rose, a seven-year-old charmer, and the adorable Gio Grace, who’s six. Now, their family dynamic is set to include another little heartbreaker.

Not only did Behati let the gender cat out of the bag, but she also pulled back the curtain on her rollercoaster natural birthing journey.

The supermodel, who has graced countless magazine covers and runways, decided to share the raw, real side of bringing her newest son into the world.

In her intimate chat on The Mother Daze, Behati candidly spoke about her emotional natural birth experience, where she teetered between ‘bliss’ and ‘insane pain.’

The big reveal came as Behati detailed her family’s move to Santa Barbara and shared that their newest member arrived “10 days past” his due date.

She went on to describe how, when it came to her birthing options, her doctor gave her the green light to choose her path, whether it was opting for an epidural or going the water birth route. Behati, however, chose neither.

The striking Calirosa founder decided to heed the calls of her own body. She explained, “I feel really good. I think I’m just gonna go with this feeling right now.”

And she surely did! As the labor pains intensified, Behati confessed that she wasn’t a fan of the idea of getting into the water. She humorously remarked, “No way — no water is getting on this body!”

Behati painted the birthing experience as a mind-bending mix of ‘bliss’ and ‘pain.’ She described her struggle during labor as a relentless emotional rollercoaster, with waves of pain and ecstasy crashing upon her.

Adam Levine, the doting husband and lead vocalist of Maroon 5, was right there by her side, holding her hand through the whirlwind experience. Behati shared a funny yet heartfelt moment from their delivery room; she revealed how she was screaming at the top of her lungs while pushing, and Adam gently suggested she let her breath go. In response, Behati couldn’t help but tease him, “You wanna do it?”

As she giggled with the podcast hosts, it was clear that the birthing journey had strengthened their bond even further.

Behati also dropped a hint about the new baby’s birthday, sharing that it coincided with his older brother’s special day. This led to a delicious spread of donuts, with Adam indulging in about a dozen to soothe his nerves. The podcast hosts and listeners got a good laugh hearing about his stress-eating habit.

In a heartwarming twist, Behati couldn’t stop gushing about her husband’s unwavering support during the labor. She commended Adam for being right there with her throughout the process. He was as involved as he could be, thanks to the guidance of a doula. Behati explained that the doula positioned him where she would have been, turning the birthing experience into something beautiful for everyone involved.

The nerves weren’t limited to Adam’s stress-eating. The “This Love” singer, known for his electrifying performances, admitted to nervously cutting the umbilical cord. With his left-handed quirks, as Behati playfully described, the moment made for a heartwarming mess.

And when it came to that instant connection with her new son, Behati didn’t hold back. She shared, “I felt so connected with him.” Her emotional journey left her in awe of the strength of women everywhere. She marveled at what she had achieved and proudly declared, “I freaking did this.”

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine’s journey into parenthood has certainly been a rollercoaster of emotions, and their growing family is filled with love, laughter, and adorable little blessings. Congratulations to the happy couple, and here’s to their latest addition!

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