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Shawn Mendes shows off his muscles in a white tank top as he grabs a health drink in West Hollywood

Shawn Mendes stepped out in West Hollywood on Sunday in a fitting tank top, flaunting his solid physique after rekindling his romance with Camila Cabello.

The 24-year-old Treat You Better hitmaker shopped for candles while wearing dark glasses before grabbing a healthy ginger shot.

The Canadian-born composer donned green pleated pants and brown sandals for his laid-back outing, with his hair spiked and messy.

The three-time Grammy nominee displayed his tattoos, which include a big butterfly on his left bicep and an acoustic guitar made up of the Toronto skyline on his right forearm.

Shawn’s public appearance comes after a source told that the Canadian heartthrob and Worth It singer, 26, have been quietly dating for weeks.

The couple first ignited suspicions of a reconciliation when they were captured on tape sharing a passionate kiss at Coachella before they were recently photographed holding hands in Venice, California.

While the news of their romantic reunion shocked their fans, sources close to the couple say it’s not surprising.

The couple has been secretly reconnecting for weeks, according to an insider, and ‘playing the field’ during their 18-month separation let them understand how’special’ their love is.

They have both gotten romantically involved with other individuals after their breakup in November 2021 after dating for two years, according to an insider, which made them realize how ‘special’ their romance with one another had been.

‘Not to mention their incredible sexual chemistry. Camila has the ability to turn Shawn on like no other woman. ‘She always has,’ the person continued.

Camila shared a trailer for her new tune, June Gloom, which was definitely composed for Shawn and their Coachella tryst the same day they were caught holding hands on their love stroll.

Camila exclaims in the song, ‘How come you’re just so much better? Is this ever going to end? I suppose I’ll just f*** around and find out. Will you be attending Coachella? If you don’t, it doesn’t matter. If you do, honey, it will consume all of my thoughts.’

This is not the first time the gorgeous singers have worked together; they first met in 2014 when they collaborated on the song I Know What You Did Last Summer.

They confirmed their relationship in the summer of 2019 after years of friendship, just after the release of their second big song, Senorita.

They shared a home in Los Angeles during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and adopted a puppy named Tarzan before calling it quits in November 2021.

The source said that ‘they split up because they were going too hard, too fast. ‘They moved in together during the pandemic and were together 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a year.

They both needed to explore after the pandemic passed and the threat subsided. ‘They concentrated exclusively on each other rather than on their first love, music.’

Camila began dating Lox Club dating app CEO Austin Kevitch, 31, eight months after she and Shawn split up. Camila and Austin announced their split just a few months ago.

Shawn has been spending a lot of time with his longstanding chiropractor, Dr. Jocelyne Miranda, 51, who is more than double his age.

Many assumed she was doing more than just an alignment on him, but it was later revealed that they were merely friends.

Shawn and Camila’s affections for one other never faded during their separation.
According to the source, ‘He continued putting every lady up to Camila, and she kept comparing her relationship with Shawn to Austin.

‘This is one of the reasons she and Austin did not get along. Camila has never stopped loving Shawn and has always believed that he was the one for her,’ an insider said.

Shawn and Camila startled a full Coachella crowd on Friday when they were seen making out in the middle of the festival.

Neither seemed to mind who was looking. They came with a group of friends and left with another group of friends.

Camila looked coy when questioned by paparazzi if they were back together as they exited the venue, before getting into Shawn’s blacked-out SUV and drove away.

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