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Ben Affleck video clears up claim he ‘argued’ with Jennifer Lopez on red carpet

Ben Affleck video clears up claim he ‘argued’ with Jennifer Lopez on red carpet

There have been allegations made that Ben Affleck got into an argument with Jennifer Lopez while they were both attending an event on a red carpet.

At the premiere of Lopez’s newest film, The Mother, which took place on May 11th, new photos that surfaced online on Thursday (11 May) appeared to show Affleck engaging in a heated exchange with Lopez.

The video clip, however, from which the images were taken has subsequently been uploaded on social media, and it appears to establish that the pair were not arguing at all during the time the photos were shot. It seems that all they were doing was simply trying to figure out the details of how the event would be run.

After Daily Loud published photographs from the clip with the headline “Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez argue on the red carpet,” a lot of people came to the couple’s defense, and one supporter responded by saying, “No they didn’t lol.”

Another Twitter user stated that it “doesn’t look like they’re arguing,” and went on to say that “it looks like they’re agreeing on a location or on something.”

Since the tweet was originally posted, a disclaimer has been added underneath it, informing users that the photographs are “misleading.”

The contextual note says: “According to a video of the interaction, the couple was not arguing with each other; rather, it appears that they were simply having a conversation with each other.”

This view was backed up by a lip reader who told Mail Online that Affleck stated “That’s us done?” after posing for shots with his wife after the photo shoot was over.

The actor and director from movie Argo apparently then gave her a kiss and asked her if she was okay, as reported by the lip reader.

The video surfaced on TikTok a few days after another clip showed Affleck appearing unhappy while closing a car door for Lopez.

The star of “Gone Girl” has been the subject of many memes over the course of his career because of his hilarious facial expressions. It was in February of 2023 when a picture of him appearing bored at the Grammy Awards went viral, propelling him to internet fame.

His wife even used the opportunity to make fun at what appeared to be his “miserable” facial expressions by posting a screengrab from the movie Air that showed her husband making a sour face. She referred to her spouse in a humorous manner in the caption of her Instagram photo, writing, “My husband’s happy face.”

One of Ben Affleck’s fans responded to the newly released video by tweeting the following: “People need to understand that Ben Affleck’s face is just perpetually miserable even when he’s never been happier.”

What do you think really happened between Ben and J.Lo at the red carpet? Comment your thoughts down below. Stay safe!

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