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Kanye West and ‘wife’ Bianca Censori make rare public appearance after ex Kim Kardashian snubs him at son’s soccer game

It has been seen that Kanye West is spending time with the woman who is said to be his wife.

On May 13, witnesses in Los Angeles reported seeing the producer and his presumed wife, Bianca Censori, 28, walking together while holding hands.

Kanye, who is 45 years old, went for a striking all-black outfit.

In addition to black slacks, he was dressed in an oversized black pullover made of a leather-like material.

The top of the trousers were made of a light cloth, while the bottoms were constructed similarly to a wetsuit. They had thicker padding on the knees and shins and even incorporated shoes.

Kanye also displayed his newly grown beard, which he has also been sporting since the beginning of this month.

In the meantime, Bianca sported a glammed-up version of athleisure fashion.

She donned a skintight crop top and a pair of yoga leggings that clung to her body like a second skin, and she went braless the whole time.

The rumored “wife” of Kanye West topped off her appearance with kitten heels and a casually styled bob haircut with blonde highlights.

As the couple strolled together, their hands remained clasped the entire time, and they appeared to be having a happy conversation.

Kim Kardashian, who was previously married to Kanye West and is now his ex-wife and the mother of their four children, filed for divorce in February 2021, after the couple had been married for six years.

Despite this, the couple was seen sitting together the week before at the soccer game that their son Saint, who is seven years old, was playing in.

Kim, who stars on Hulu, appeared to maintain some physical space from Kanye throughout the occasion.

The Sun was told by sources present at the game that “Kim’s kids were all over her and sitting on her lap hugging her and giving her kisses, while ignoring Kanye.”

According to the insider, the rapper stood only a few feet behind Kim while Saint played, and although the two of them engaged in light banter, they did not discuss anything of substance.

According to the insider, Kanye West had a bodyguard direct him to the location of the game. Kim did not glance up or even acknowledge him when he strolled over to her when they were talking.

“When the game was over, Kim and Kanye went their separate ways without even saying goodbye.”

Fans were taken aback in January when Kanye surprised them by “marrying” Yeezy architectural designer Bianca in a wedding that was kept strictly under wraps.

According to the rumors, the hitmaker is thought to have tied the knot with Bianca just two months after the finalization of his divorce with Kim.

A source told The Sun that the couple exchanged their vows at the Amangiri Resort in Utah, which costs $5,000 per night, despite the fact that it was first rumored that the event would take place in Los Angeles.

After a few days, a photo of them enjoying what appeared to be their honeymoon at Kanye’s preferred five-star hotel surfaced on the internet.

The Sun is able to confirm that they did not apply for a marriage license in the state of Utah.

Congratulations? What do you think of this entire Kim and Kanye relations? Comment down below. Have a good Day!

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