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Margot Robbie was not the first choice for Barbie role

Recently, the talented actress and producer Margot Robbie made a shocking revelation about the casting process for the highly anticipated film Barbie.

Gal Gadot, who is best known for her role as Wonder Woman, was supposedly in the running to play Barbie. After getting the part, Margot Robbie said that Greta Gerwig’s first choice was Gal Gadot.

Margot Robbie says that the well-reviewed Barbie director, Greta Gerwig, was sure that Gal Gadot had the perfect “Barbie energy.” Robbie said that Gadot was a great choice for the iconic part because of her beauty, unique charm, and genuine sincerity and enthusiasm.

Robbie said that Gadot was “genuinely sincere” and “enthusiastically kind,” and he praised her ability to win over audiences with her stunning looks and genuine warmth.

Gerwig’s idea of Barbie was a good match for Gadot’s energy. Due to schedule issues, Gal Gadot had to decline the offer, therefore Margot Robbie was cast instead.

“Because Gal Gadot is so impossibly beautiful, but you don’t hate her for being that beautiful, because she’s so genuinely sincere, and she’s so enthusiastically kind, that it’s almost dorky. It’s like right before being a dork.”

Before Margot Robbie was cast, another well-known actress who was considered for the part of Barbie was Amy Schumer. In 2016, Schumer was meant to play the well-known doll. But a few months later, Schumer had to drop out of the project because she couldn’t find the time.

Even though Schumer’s departure was a mystery, Robbie was cast as Barbie so she could bring her idea of the character to life.

There will be different versions of Barbie and Ken in the movie. Margot Robbie plays Barbie, and talented actor Ryan Gosling plays Ken. Alternatively, the film takes an intriguing turn by introducing multiple Kens.

Barbie has an ensemble of talented actors who all play different Barbies and Kens. Different Barbies are played by artists like Hari Nef, Emma Mackey, Dua Lipa, Anna Cruz Kayne, Sharon Rooney, Kate McKinnon, Nicola Coughlan, Alexandra Shipp, Ritu Arya, and Issa Rae.

The movie’s all-star cast not only shows how talented Hollywood is but also shows how much the movie cares about diversity and including everyone. Margot Robbie has done more for Barbie than just playing the main character.

Robbie’s role as the movie’s producer shows how much she wants to bring exciting stories to the big screen. Her commitment to the project is evidence of her admiration for stories and her desire to boost the visibility of marginalized stories in the entertainment industry.

Even after short breaks from social media, Robbie’s return to the spotlight always makes a big effect on people all over the world. Her part in Barbie reminds her of how talented she is and how much of an impact she has had on the entertainment industry.

The ensemble cast of Barbie, which has many different versions of Barbie and Ken, makes it look like an interesting new take on a famous franchise. As fans wait for Barbie to come out in theaters on July 21, new behind-the-scenes keep building excitement for a great time at the movies.

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