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Johnny Depp gets trolled for his rotten teeth at Cannes

Johnny Depp bragged about the bad state of his teeth in a 1995 Premiere magazine interview that emerged this week.

The comments were found by Page Six following Johnny’s appearance at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday, which led to fans mocking him for his “rotten” gnashers.

In the article in Premiere, Johnny said, “I have a lot of cavities. I had a root canal eight years ago, and it’s still not done. It looks like a rotten stub.’

“But I like it,” he insisted. It’s like how the Indians would always make mistakes when they beaded something.’ When asked about the uneven bottom teeth, Johnny, who was 31 at the time of the interview, said, “I’m proud of these.”

The Edward Scissorhands actor continued, “It drives me crazy when I see people with perfect teeth.” “I’d rather swallow a tick than have that!’

Even with his dental condition and the recent indulging in cigarettes and wine, his interviewer was amazed that he didn’t have bad breath.

Fans said he looked like Captain Jack Sparrow when he flashed his ‘rotten’ smile at Cannes on Tuesday, where he launched his return.

After his ex-wife Amber Heard was forced to pay him $8 million in damages in a high-profile court case, the actor, 59, earned a seven-minute standing ovation at the premiere of his movie Jeanne du Barry.

But fans couldn’t help but notice the actor’s smile and how his browning teeth showed signs of decay as he stood for photos on the red carpet.

Johnny just signed a $20 million cologne deal with Dior. His good looks and charm helped him get the deal.

But, unlike many Hollywood stars, he hasn’t spent thousands of dollars on veneers or expensive composite bonding to make his teeth look whiter.

On Twitter, social media commentators flocked to urge Johnny to visit the dentist.

“Every time I see a picture of Johnny Depp at Cannes, I’m very, very, very inspired to brush my teeth, floss, and use a tongue scraper,” said one user.

“Johnny Depp needs to go to the dentist”. Someone else said, “His teeth make him look sick.”

Another added, “Johnny Depp’s teeth look like they’re rotting.”

Johnny is known for changing his smile to fit the character he is playing. He had a lot of gold on his teeth for Pirates of the Caribbean.

He kept the gold caps until the last day of shooting for the third movie in the series.

Johnny has also been open about his struggles with drug abuse. During the defamation trial, he told the court that by age 14, he had tried “every kind of drug known to man.”

Drug use can wear down the enamel on your teeth and expose the dentine underneath to bacteria that cause cavities.

Johnny’s comeback movie got a seven-minute standing ovation at its screening on Tuesday, which made him cry.

The famous actor, who plays King Louis XV in the period drama, cried as he took in the moment with his co-star and director, Maïwenn.

This is his first film since he was blackballed by Hollywood following his ex-wife Amber Heard’s abuse allegations in 2016.

But after a six-week trial last year, it was decided that Amber had slandered her ex-husband. She was told to pay him over $8 million in damages, but they later settled for $1 million to end their legal battle.

The Cry-Baby heartthrob was welcomed by applause and a sea of devoted fans when he got there.

Johnny couldn’t hide how happy he was to be back in Hollywood. During the trial, he had been dropped from several projects, including the Fantastic Beasts movie series.

People yelled “Johnny!” as Depp, wearing purple-tinted sunglasses and signing autographs, moved back into the spotlight, according to sources.

Though his major appearance at Cannes has been widely contested, Jeanne du Barry has been billed as Johnny’s comeback.

Although Johnny’s performance received a standing ovation, the critics’ opinions on the movie as a whole were mixed.

Yikes. What are your thoughts on Johnny Depp’s teeth situation? Comment your thoughts down below. Your support means so much to us. Have a good one!

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