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Vincent Cassel Spotted with Bikini-Clad Beauty, Narah Baptista, 27 After Shocking Split from Tina Kunakey, 26!

Vincent Cassel, the dashing French actor, made waves on the sandy shores of Rio de Janeiro when he was seen canoodling with Brazilian model Narah Baptista, setting the gossip mill on fire with rumors of a budding romance. The 56-year-old star was spotted sharing a passionate moment with Narah, aged 27, during a beach rendezvous, confirming their sizzling chemistry.

Vincent has been basking in the sun during his trip to Rio and, just six months after reportedly parting ways with his wife of five years, Tina Kunakey, the actor appears to be reveling in newfound happiness.

Strolling along the sun-kissed beach, Vincent couldn’t hide his joyful demeanor. He later took a refreshing dip in the sea, and to no one’s surprise, Narah followed him into the waves, wrapping her arms around him and sealing the moment with a kiss on the cheek.

Narah, radiant and stunning at 27, flaunted her mesmerizing figure in a skimpy brown bikini, while Vincent showcased his toned physique in stylish green swimming trunks. The chemistry between the two lovebirds was undeniable, with laughter and shared conversations painting the perfect picture of romance on the sands.

Vincent couldn’t help but share his happiness with the world via Instagram, where he posted several snapshots and videos from his beach adventure. In one selfie, he captioned, ‘Just wanted to be happy… I am,’ to which Narah replied, ‘Amor,’ the Italian word for love.

We have reached out to Vincent’s representatives for official comments on his relationship status.

Previously, Vincent and Tina had been making headlines as a couple since welcoming their daughter, Amazonie, in April 2019. However, it seems that their relationship hit a rocky patch, with the actor deleting all traces of Tina from his social media accounts.

An exclusive source informed us that the pair’s separation is a reality, revealing, ‘They separated weeks ago. Tina is heartbroken.’

The couple’s love story began with a whirlwind romance, and Vincent, renowned for his roles in “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Black Swan,” tied the knot with Tina in 2018, two years after they were first linked. Their family expanded when they welcomed their daughter, Amazonie, a year later, in April 2019.

As speculation about their breakup mounted, Vincent made an unexpected move by erasing all traces of Tina from his Instagram account in recent days. Adoring photos that once adorned his page have vanished without a trace, leaving fans puzzled.

What was even more telling, Vincent failed to acknowledge Tina’s birthday publicly. While Tina shared numerous well-wishes from her friends on her own account, there was no mention from her husband.

The situation escalated further when the actor stopped liking his wife’s stunning Instagram images, with the last like recorded on February 17. Fans soon noticed the absence of images featuring Vincent on Tina’s profile, leading to questions like, ‘Where is your husband?’

Despite the mounting curiosity among their followers, neither Tina nor Vincent addressed the status of their marriage. Instead, both have continued sharing regular updates about their respective work.

Tina has posted several photos from her recent photoshoots, while Vincent has been promoting his two new movies, “The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan,” and “Liaison,” an Apple TV+ film co-starring the celebrated French actress Eva Green.

The actor couldn’t help but share his enthusiasm for working with Eva, praising her as a ‘wonderful co-star.’ While Vincent’s silence about Tina’s birthday raised eyebrows, he did remember his 18-year-old daughter Deva, whom he shares with his first wife, Monica Bellucci.

Vincent and Monica tied the knot in 1999 after meeting on the set of their 1996 movie, “The Apartment.” Their love story was blessed with two daughters, Deva and Léonie, before their divorce in 2013, ending a 14-year marriage.

In 2016, Vincent publicly declared his love for Tina, who was 19 at the time, sparking a media frenzy due to their notable 30-year age gap.

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