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The Golden Couple: Gerry and Theresa Tie the Knot on Live TV

It was a fairy tale ending for Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, the couple who met and fell in love on The Golden Bachelor, a reality TV show for seniors looking for romance. On Jan. 4, 2024, they exchanged vows in front of millions of viewers who tuned in to watch their live, televised wedding.

The ceremony was held at the picturesque Lake Tahoe Resort, where the couple had their first date on the show. They were surrounded by their families and friends, as well as some of the other contestants from the show who came to support them. The bride looked stunning in a white lace gown, while the groom wore a navy suit and a golden tie. They both wore matching rings engraved with the words “Golden Forever”.

The wedding was officiated by Chris Harrison, the host of The Golden Bachelor and its spin-offs. He praised the couple for their courage, honesty, and commitment, and reminded them of their journey on the show. He also shared some of the messages and well-wishes that the fans had sent to the couple via social media.

The couple exchanged heartfelt vows that made everyone tear up. Gerry, 72, a retired engineer and widower, told Theresa, 68, a retired nurse and divorcee, that she was his “miracle” and his “soulmate”. He said he never thought he would find love again after losing his wife of 40 years, but Theresa changed his life. He promised to cherish her, respect her, and make her happy for the rest of their days.

Theresa, who had been married twice before and had four children and six grandchildren, told Gerry that he was her “dream come true” and her “best friend”. She said she had been through a lot of pain and disappointment in her previous relationships, but Gerry restored her faith in love. She promised to love him, support him, and stand by him through thick and thin.

After they said “I do” and kissed, they were showered with rose petals and confetti. They then danced to their favorite song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, while the guests cheered and clapped. They also cut a three-tiered cake decorated with golden roses and topped with a figurine of a bachelor and a bachelorette holding hands.

The couple thanked everyone for being part of their special day, and said they were looking forward to starting their new life together. They also said they hoped their story would inspire other seniors to never give up on love and happiness. They then left for their honeymoon in Hawaii, where they planned to enjoy the sun, the sand, and each other.

The wedding was a ratings hit for the network, as well as a social media sensation. Many fans expressed their admiration and congratulations for the couple, and said they were the best thing that happened in 2024. Some also said they wished they could find a love like theirs, and asked the network to produce more shows for seniors.

Gerry and Theresa are one of the few couples from the Bachelor franchise who have stayed together and got married. They are also the oldest couple to ever get married on TV. They proved that age is just a number, and that love can strike at any time. They are truly the golden couple of reality TV.

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