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John Stamos reveals how he felt ‘emasculated’ by his ex-wife Rebecca Romijn

John Stamos, the star of Full House and ER, has opened up about his past marriage to Rebecca Romijn, the model and actress who appeared in X-Men and Ugly Betty. In a candid interview with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show, Stamos shared how he put his career on the back burner as Romijn’s fame skyrocketed, which led to him feeling insecure and unhappy in their relationship.

Stamos and Romijn met in 1994 at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, where Romijn was one of the models. They got married in 1998 and seemed like a perfect Hollywood couple. However, things started to change as Romijn landed more roles in movies and TV shows, while Stamos struggled to find his footing after Full House ended in 1995.

I was sort of becoming irrelevant,” Stamos told Stern. “She was getting bigger and bigger, and I was sort of not. I was sort of fading away, and she was sort of blossoming. And I felt emasculated by that.”

Stamos said that he stopped working as much as he used to and focused on supporting Romijn’s career instead. He said that he felt like he was losing himself and that he didn’t have a purpose in life. He also said that he became jealous of Romijn’s success and that he resented her for it.

“I was angry at her for a long time,” Stamos said. “I blamed her for everything. I blamed her for the divorce. I blamed her for ruining my life.”

Stamos and Romijn divorced in 2005 after seven years of marriage. They both moved on with other partners and started their own families. Romijn married actor Jerry O’Connell in 2007 and had twin daughters with him in 2008. Stamos married actress Caitlin McHugh in 2018 and had a son with her in 2019.

Stamos said that he has since realized that he was partly to blame for their failed marriage and that he didn’t work hard enough on anything in his life. He said that he learned from his mistakes and that he now knows how to give 100% in his current relationship with McHugh.

“I’m so grateful for Caitlin because she taught me how to love,” Stamos said. “She taught me how to be a good husband, how to be a good father, how to be a good person.”

Stamos also said that he has forgiven Romijn and that he is happy for her and her family. He said that he has no hard feelings towards her and that he wishes her all the best.

“I’m proud of her,” Stamos said. “She’s done amazing things. She’s a great mom, she’s a great wife, she’s a great actress. She’s everything I wanted her to be.”

Stamos is currently starring in the Disney+ series Big Shot, where he plays a basketball coach who gets fired from his college job and ends up coaching a girls’ high school team. He said that he loves his new role and that he feels like he has found his passion again.

“I’m having the best time of my life right now,” Stamos said. “I’m doing what I love, I’m with who I love, I’m happy.”

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