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Jada Pinkett Smith’s Explosive Memoir Is a Bestseller Bust

Jada Pinkett Smith, the woman who stunned us all with her revelation about a seven-year separation from husband Will Smith, has now set the literary world abuzz with her memoir, “Worthy.” But it seems the buzz may not translate to blockbuster sales, as the book struggles to crack the top 10 on bestseller charts. Let’s spill the tea!

The 52-year-old actress unveiled her tell-all on October 17, unleashing shocking revelations about her marriage and much more. It made an impressive debut, snagging the number three spot on Amazon’s charts for the week of October 22. The list, known as the ‘Top 20 most sold & most read books of the week,’ seemed promising.

Jada’s memoir trailed slightly behind Britney Spears’ explosive tell-all, “The Woman In Me,” and David Grann’s gripping narrative “Killers Of The Flower Moon,” which soared back to the top due to the hype surrounding Martin Scorsese’s film adaptation featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.

However, the story takes a twist on Amazon’s main bestsellers list. By Tuesday, Jada’s “Worthy” had nosedived to a disappointing number 81. The plot thickened when it slipped further to a disappointing number 84 by Wednesday evening.

Intriguingly, the primary bestsellers chart solely tracks sales, omitting digital readership and audiobook listeners. It appears that more readers may be intrigued by Jada’s memoir than willing to invest in a copy to hold.

The star’s book faced another plot twist when it came to Amazon reviews. Shockingly, as of Wednesday, only 148 readers had penned their thoughts on the book, compared to the 1,043 reviews for Britney Spears’ memoir, which was released just a day before.

“Worthy” completely vanished from Amazon’s list of top-selling Kindle books. However, it managed to reign supreme in the specialty category of “Women’s Biographies.”

It didn’t stop there. The book was conspicuously absent from Publishers Weekly’s top 25 overall bestsellers. Furthermore, it failed to make the top 10 in their nonfiction bestsellers list. Another celebrity memoir, Britney’s, proudly occupied the number one position, while the veteran “Killers Of The Flower Moon” secured a place in the top 10.

Yet, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new memoir and self-help guide, “Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life,” dominated several lists, suggesting that readers aren’t opposed to celebrity-penned books in general. Could Jada’s memoir have a unique plot twist that didn’t quite resonate with readers?

However, before we write off Jada’s literary endeavors, there’s a silver lining. Her book continues to shine on the most prestigious bestseller chart of all: the New York Times’ list. “Worthy” gracefully occupies the number four spot on its list of combined print and e-book bestsellers, and it clinches the third position in nonfiction book sales when solely considering physical hardcovers.

The Times’ list, often regarded as the gold standard, isn’t just about raw sales numbers. It’s an intricate masterpiece that attempts to filter out books that attempt to manipulate the system with bulk purchases. This twist adds an element of fairness to the competition, making it even more impressive that Jada secured such a prominent position.

So, is Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir a literary blockbuster or a flop? The drama surrounding “Worthy” continues to unfold, and only time will reveal the final plot twist in this bestselling saga. Stay tuned for more juicy revelations!

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