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Travis Barker Battles COVID, Root Canal, and Neuralgia Amid Baby Countdown

Travis Barker, the renowned drummer of Blink-182, is sharing the rollercoaster of health challenges he faced this past week, including testing positive for COVID-19 amidst his band’s world tour. As he and wife Kourtney Kardashian eagerly await the arrival of their first child together, Barker, 47, turned to social media to update fans on his trials and triumphs.

On Friday, Barker took to X (formerly Twitter) to reveal that in addition to his COVID-19 diagnosis, he endured a root canal procedure and suffered a flare-up of trigeminal neuralgia. This rare and painful chronic disorder involves sudden, severe facial pain, numbness, and burning sensations, among other symptoms. Despite these hurdles, Barker’s resilience shines through as he assured his fans, friends, and family that he can handle anything life throws at him.

The drummer has faced adversity before, most notably surviving a harrowing plane crash in 2008. The crash occurred shortly after takeoff in South Carolina while en route to Van Nuys, California. Four of the six passengers onboard did not survive, but Barker’s resilience carried him through the ordeal. He miraculously survived with severe burns covering 65% of his body and battled post-traumatic stress disorder.

Enduring over 11 weeks in hospitals and burn centers, Barker underwent 16 surgeries, endured blood transfusions lasting 4-8 hours, and underwent numerous skin grafts. His traumatic experience left him with an overwhelming fear of flying, making it nearly impossible for him to travel as a touring musician.

However, Barker’s determination and the support of his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, played a pivotal role in his journey to overcome his fear of flying. In 2021, he took his first flight in over a decade, marking a significant milestone. Last month, he celebrated his 30th flight since the life-altering crash.

In the midst of his band’s European tour, Barker had to rush back to Los Angeles earlier this month due to a life-threatening emergency surgery for his unborn baby son. Despite the harrowing situation, he expressed gratitude that the surgery was successful and thanked everyone for their support. Barker assured fans that the tour would soon resume, concluding with a heartfelt message, “God is great.”

Blink-182’s World Tour 2023/2024, known as the Rock Hard Tour, commemorates the band’s 30th anniversary and marks their first tour with original singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge since 2014. The band is also gearing up for the release of their ninth studio album, “One More Time…,” scheduled for October 20.

Tom DeLonge rejoined the band following bassist Mark Hoppus’s cancer diagnosis in 2021. After enduring challenging chemotherapy treatments, Hoppus received the news in September 2022 that he was cancer-free, sharing his gratitude on Instagram.

In anticipation of the album release, Blink-182 released three singles: “Edging,” “One More Time,” and “More Than You Know.”

While the band prepares for their album launch, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are counting down the days until their son’s arrival, expected sometime between October and December, according to CoopWB. The couple’s growing family and Barker’s indomitable spirit continue to make headlines.

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