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Joe Jonas hopes ‘swifties’ have forgiven him

They’re a whole lot better. Joe Jonas hopes his reputation as one of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends has improved in the years since they split up, but he understands why fans were negative of him at first.

On Monday, the 33-year-old Camp Rock star joined brothers Nick and Kevin on the “Armchair Expert” show to talk about their journey from the early 2000s to now.

Joe’s history with Swift, 32, was brought up by host Dax Shepard, who asked if he had gotten a “rabid” reaction when they broke up in 2008.

“I hope to think they like me,” said the “Sucker” singer about her fans. “No one f–ks with the Swifties, do you know?”

Shepard, who is 48 years old, made a joke about how the fans of the Cats actress are still mad at her ex Jake Gyllenhaal, who inspired the breakup song “All Too Well” after they dated in 2010. Joe said that, as a big star himself, he knew where the Swifties were coming from.

He said, “We don’t really have a nickname for [our fans], but… we get it.” “We know they love their artists and are protective of them, saying things like, “This is my artist, how dare you!”

Even though the former Disney Channel star said he’s “cool with Taylor” now, he admitted that back in the day, her fans did get “mad” at him. “But that was a very long time ago,” he said.

The singer of “Waffle House” dated Swift for three months before they broke up at the end of 2008. At the time, the Miss Americana star told Ellen DeGeneres that Joe broke up with her over the phone, and that the call was over in less than 30 seconds.

“For those who were worried about the “27-second” phone call, I called to talk about how I felt with the other person,” the “Burnin’ Up” singer said in a MySpace post about the split.

“It’s clear that those thoughts didn’t go over well. I didn’t end the call. Someone else did. The length of a phone call depends on how long the person on the other end of the line wants to talk. If you’re in a relationship for any length of time, there are bound to be problems.

He also said at the time, “Sometimes they get solved, and sometimes they make people change their minds. That’s what happened recently.”

Swift put her feelings into her Fearless hit “Forever & Always,” and when she re-released the 2008 album in April 2021, she brought up the messy split again in a song called “Mr. Perfectly Fine” that had never been played before.

“But that was when I got to know Mr. Change of heart, Mr. Leaves me all alone, I fall apart / It takes everything in me just to get up each day / But it’s wonderful to see that you’re OK,” she says in one verse of the vault track.

Last summer, Joe and his brothers gave the throwback song a new spin during their residency in Las Vegas. At the June 2022 show, he sang, “I’m known for breaking hearts, but now I’m cool with superstars.”

That’s good to hear! Finally, fences have been mended. What do you think about Joe Jonas’ statements? Go ahead and comment your thoughts down below. Bye for now!

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