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Bad Bunny’s ‘Un Preview’ Video Is Kendall Jenner-Coded

Grammy Award-winning reggaeton star Bad Bunny is a man of his word. On Sunday, September 24, the musician took to his official WhatsApp channel to let fans know they should expect his latest release soon. On Monday night, Bad Bunny made good on his promise by dropping his new single, “Un Preview.” On the Tainy- and La Paciencia-produced record, Bad Bunny ditches the rough exterior he often boats about to expose his much gentler romantic side.

Throughout the song, Bad Bunny shifts between rapping and singing to desperately declare that he’s looking for love. “Baby, I have no means, no / To try you and make me fall in love again / Don’t tell me anything / I don’t follow advice, no / Very crazy at the disco / I catch myself dancing / And I kiss your neck / Let them bite it,” Bad Bunny sings (in a rough translation).

Although the identity of the muse behind the track is supposed to be ambiguous, the video, directed by Stillz, featured two scenes in particular that subtly suggested it was Kendall Jenner-coded. In April, the pair were spotted horseback riding, which was creatively recreated in the video “Un Preview.” Another slick reference to their rumored relationship is the vintage car that Bad Bunny rests upon at one point. While the vehicle isn’t the same classic Chevy 409, the couple were photographed in June the automobile that appears in “Un Preview” bears a striking resemblance.

In other news Bad Bunny is demanding more respect from his fans. The Puerto Rican artist has had another awkward encounter with a fan, this time, asking him to avoid bringing children into crowded situations where they may be harmed.

The video was shared on social media and shows Bad Bunny in Milan, after attending a Fashion Week event. As he climbs aboard his car, Bad Bunny is flanked by security and by dozens of fans asking for photos. A man asks him to take a photo with a child, which prompts an alarmed reaction from Bad Bunny. “Don’t put a child here,” he said in Spanish. “That’s very irresponsible. Be careful,” he says as he gets inside the car.

Earlier this year, Bad Bunny became a trending topic when he threw a fan’s cellphone into the water. The moment was captured on camera and was controversial for fans, with some criticizing his behavior and others understanding his point of view. “Anyone who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to meet me, will always receive my attention and respect,” he wrote at the time on Twitter. “Those who come to put a damn phone in my face, I’ll consider that what it is: a lack of respect and I’ll treat that the same way.”

Bad Bunny recently partnered up with WhatsApp, having his own Channel where he sends messages and updates about his music. Per the Cuban outlet CiberCuba, he’s releasing a new song at 8pm today, and he teased a snippet in his WhatsApp Channel. “If you guys liked it and want to know… The song comes out tomorrow at 8 pm, PR time.”

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