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Hailey Beiber on being a nepo baby and her feud with Selena Gomez

Hailey Bieber addressed the rumored feud between Selena Gomez and herself that allegedly began over the most recent TikTok drama.

Every time Selena Gomez is brought up, Hailey Bieber speaks out about it. Hailey claimed that the ‘vile, disgusting hatred‘ is entirely a false story cooked up to split two women after the latest TikTok scandal involving the Rare singer made news and led to her receiving death threats.

When singer Selena Gomez wrote on her TikTok that she had unintentionally over-laminated her eyebrows a few months prior, it set off an online feud. Then, Kylie Jenner posted a picture of her own brows on social media along with the caption “This was an accident???”

She also shared a picture of her pal Hailey Bieber’s brows. Users reported that Kylie and Hailey, (who is married to Selena’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber), were rude to her without cause.

Now, when Hailey Bieber was asked about the TikTok conflict while appearing on the Bloomberg Originals series The Circuit With Emily Chang, she responded, “I don’t think that this is about me, Hailey Bieber, and Selena Gomez—this is not about this pitting between two women and division between two women. It’s about the vile, disgusting hatred that can come from completely made-up and twisted and perpetuated narratives. That can be really dangerous.

Hailey continued by stating that she detests the notion of pitting two women against one another: “I don’t like this whole idea of Team This Person and Team This Person. I’m just not about that. I want to be able to bring people together… I hate it.

I’ve hated it since the beginning. And I think that kind of goes back to a little bit of just being misunderstood when it’s like time and time again I don’t know why I keep having to say, and we keep having to say, that there is no issue and there is no problem. It’s so disappointing that people still behave this way over a man. It’s the world we live in, unfortunately.

The supermodel, who is the niece of Alec Baldwin and the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, sparked an online discussion about nepotism in Hollywood in January when she appeared in public wearing a white cropped top with the words “nepo baby” on it.

Many social media users thought she was making fun of the debate at that time.
Now Hailey cleared the air on her fashion decision, saying she wasn’t attempting to raise eyebrows with the eye-catching top.

On the episode of The Circuit With Emily Chang, she said, “My goal to having worn the T-shirt was not to poke fun at it or be like, ‘Yeah, I’m a nepo baby lol,’ type of a thing. “It was more to say, ‘This is what everyone is saying and I want you to know that this is my way of responding to it,” she said.

Oh, Hailey. What are your thoughts on her recent interview? Feel free to leave your comments down below. Also, support us by signing up for our newsletter. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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