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Beyoncé Skips Lizzo’s Name During ‘Break My Soul’ Due to Harassment Allegations

Beyoncé” is presently performing on her “Renaissance global tour”, which has been a commercial and critical triumph. A number of celebs have been seen going and enjoying her concerts in addition to the fact that tickets have been selling like hotcakes. The 41-year-old superstar sang the remix version of her song “Break My Soul” while leaving out “Lizzo’s” name during her performance at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Here’s what happened.

Videos from Beyonce’s concert in Foxborough, Massachusetts, where she performed her hit song “Break My Soul”, have gone viral on social media. This is because viewers noticed that the singer-songwriter skipped over “Lizzo’s” name and repeated “Erykah Badu’s” four times instead of stopping the whole string of names after Lizzo’s name showed up.

On Tuesday, August 1, it was revealed that three of Lizzo’s former dancers were suing her, startling netizens all over the world. A lawsuit against the rapper was filed due to claims of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. The case also makes reference to false detention, interference with economic advantage, and harassment based on race and religion. Beyonce’s refusal to use her name suggests that this was her response to the news.

Even so, the singer maintained her composure because Lizzo’s name wasn’t the only one she passed on. Beyonce mentioned Badu four times to avoid using her name, but she also left out the names of the artists who came after Lizzo so as not to treat them unfairly. Lizzo, a huge Beyonce fan who went to her Warsaw concert, has not yet responded to the accusations.

The lawsuit against Lizzo claims that in addition to the alleged sexual harassment, the 35-year-old reportedly “called attention” to a dancer’s weight gain following a performance, which is shocking given that she has served as a spokesman for the youth’s body-positivity. Former members of her team have come out to show their solidarity with the victims and share a common experience. “This was very much my experience in my time there. Big shoutout to the dancers who had the courage to bring this to light,” Courtney Hollinquest wrote on her story.

One aspect to consider is that artists, like Beyoncé, are well-aware of the impact their actions have on their fans and the media. If there were any issues behind the scenes, it’s possible that both Beyoncé and Lizzo would prefer to handle it privately rather than airing it out in public.

It’s worth mentioning that both Beyoncé and Lizzo are incredibly talented and influential artists who have used their platforms to promote body positivity, empowerment, and social change. Instead of focusing on any potential negativity, let’s remember their impactful contributions to the music industry and society as a whole.

Until then, let’s keep spreading love and positivity in the fan community.

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