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You Won’t Believe Why Kim Kardashian Was Late to Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Show!

In the latest episode of The Kardashians, titled “Welcome To My Mind,” Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Corey Gamble had a wild adventure that had them running late to one of the most anticipated events of Paris Fashion Week: the Victoria Beckham Fashion Show. They had it all planned out, gave themselves an hour to get there. But Paris traffic had other plans.

The American Horror Story actress, dressed in a pink silk gown, hops into the van with Kris and Corey, only to be immediately thwarted by the infamous Paris traffic. With just 45 minutes until showtime, Kris is in full-on panic mode, confessing, “I’m never late. I don’t like to be late. We gave ourselves plenty of time, and now we’re stuck. It’s like one road in and one road out, and it’s stopped.”

As the minutes tick away, Kris suggests walking to the venue, but that would’ve taken forever. With only six minutes left before the show starts, Kris admits in confession, “I have such anxiety. I know how much this means to Kim because Victoria and Kim are good friends, and Kendall is walking the show.”

Finally, they arrive at the venue, 20 minutes late. Kim is visibly stressed, worrying about the headlines that would accuse them of holding up the show and upsetting Anna Wintour, the formidable Vogue Editor in Chief. As they take their seats , Wintour gives them the iciest “Hi” ever. Talk about awkward!The SKIMS founder, flanked by Victoria Beckham’s husband, soccer legend David Beckham, sits through the show, all the while dreading the inevitable gossip.

The fashion show continues, and Kris, in confession, wonders, “Where’s Kendall? Did we miss her? Maybe she got stuck in traffic too?” Kendall, in this totally unrecognizable look with oversized black glasses and a black suit, finally walks. But get this – they don’t even recognize her! Kris later admits, “Kendall, I didn’t see you walk because I didn’t recognize you. So horrible!”

Kendall’s all chill about it, saying, “My family didn’t recognize me, but I kind of love that. It’s always my goal to become a different character.”

After the show, Victoria Beckham joins them and praises Kendall. A producer jokes that Kim should get a big pair of glasses to avoid future mix-ups. Kim, reflecting on the chaos, says, “I came to support Victoria, I came to support Kendall. I do wish Khloe was here. She can be so stuck in a routine. I think she’d be happier if she wasn’t so rigid about her schedule.”

How would you have reacted if you were Kim sitting next to Anna Wintour after being late? Tell us in the comments. For more juicy updates and behind-the-scenes drama from the Kardashian world, make sure to subscribe and never miss an episode!

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