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Taylor Swift Fans in Frenzy as Singer’s Lipstick Disappears – Blame Boyfriend Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift’s red lipstick became the talk of the town after it seemingly vanished during her New Year’s Eve bash. The songstress, 34, welcomed 2024 with boyfriend Travis Kelce, and while a sweet kiss marked the midnight moment, Swifties noticed something peculiar – her lipstick’s sudden disappearance. Fans took to social media to playfully blame Kelce for the cosmetic conundrum.

Footage from the star-studded NYE party in Kansas City, Missouri, revealed Swift and Kelce sharing a passionate kiss as they celebrated the arrival of the new year. However, photos from the evening sparked curiosity among fans as they observed Swift’s once-pristine lipstick appearing smudged and faded later in the night.

Eagle-eyed Swifties meticulously compared snapshots from different stages of the event, noting the mysterious transformation of Swift’s signature red lips. Theories quickly emerged, with fans humorously pointing fingers at Kelce for the unexpected cosmetic mishap.

One fan on X (formerly Twitter) cheekily posted, ‘Missing: Taylor’s lipstick. If found, please return to Taylor Swift. Suspect is Travis Kelce,’ accompanied by a now-viral image of Swift and Kelce from the soirée.

Another fan shared a side-by-side comparison of Swift’s lipstick at the start and end of the night, jokingly suggesting that Kelce borrowed the lipstick. The playful banter continued, with one X user humorously speculating if Kelce was ‘eating’ the multi-Grammy Award winner, given the lipstick’s apparent transfer to his mouth.

Despite the lighthearted blame game, fans expressed their admiration for the couple’s relationship, declaring themselves ‘obsessed.’ Kelce and Swift spent the holidays together at Kelce’s $6 million home in Kansas City, and the NYE bash was a glamorous affair, with Kelce in a stylish corduroy co-ord and Swift dazzling in a glittering dress.

Videos from the night, shared by friends, captured the couple’s public display of affection, including an inadvertent kiss caught on camera during the midnight celebration. Swift had earlier attended the Chiefs’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals, where Kelce emerged victorious.

As Swift prepares for her upcoming Eras Tour starting in February, Kelce is in the midst of the NFL season. However, reports suggest he has grand plans for their time together during Swift’s tour in Europe. The couple went public with their relationship in late September 2023, and in a recent interview, Swift expressed pride in their public support for each other.

The playful lipstick saga adds another chapter to the ongoing love story between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the couple’s next public appearance and the potential for more cosmetic capers.

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