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Reese Witherspoon Bares All in Emotional Confession: ‘I Was a Broken Robot!’

Reese Witherspoon, the beloved Big Little Lies star, laid her heart bare during a powerful revelation of her inner struggles. At her company Hello Sunshine’s Shine Away event in Los Angeles on October 21, she shared personal challenges faced over the past year, bringing tears to her eyes and raw emotions to the surface.

With a glimpse into her vulnerability, Reese admitted to her struggles with maintaining a work-life balance. She confessed, “I’ve been trying really hard to find balance outside of work. I’m a person who fills my schedule with busyness, so that I feel less alone or less nervous or less unsettled.”

Her Hollywood career has always taken precedence, but she realized that her previous approach was unsustainable. Reese elaborated, “About a year ago, I was like, ‘I was a robot and the robot broke.’ I cried and cried.”

To cope with her revelation, Reese reached out to her friend Tracee Ellis Ross, seeking solace and understanding.

While wiping away tears onstage, the Oscar winner continued, “It actually makes me feel very vulnerable sharing that with y’all, but I think it’s important. We hold up so much for so many. My beautiful friend Cleo Wade just wrote this gorgeous poem… about the glue in people’s lives. And sometimes you are the glue in everybody’s life, whether it’s at work or being a mom or being a partner, but who is holding you together, you know? It’s really important to remember.”

She confessed to feeling like she hadn’t taken good care of herself, and she wasn’t asking others for help. Reese felt overwhelmed, and she couldn’t bear the thought of being weak.

The founder of Reese’s Book Club, recently announced her breakup with husband Jim Toth in March. The couple had shared their journey for five years.

Reese highlighted her pursuit of stories that empower women at the Shine Away event. In a panel with Mindy Kaling and Jennifer Garner, she emphasized the importance of women’s stories in Hollywood and how they influence positive change in society.

Despite swerving from serious and dark narratives, Reese is proud to create optimistic content that inspires girls and women in today’s world. She asserted, “It’s a wonderful thing to be a woman in this world.”

As a special treat for Reese’s Book Club followers, the November pick was revealed more than ten days early. “Maybe Next Time” by Cesca Major has already been optioned by Hello Sunshine for a movie adaptation with Apple TV+ and promises to be a compelling story of self-discovery and family.

Reese shared her insights into the book, saying, “It’s a book that goes back in time. It’s almost like Groundhog’s Day, but for this woman who has made all these decisions in her life, and she prioritizes work and she has been ignoring a lot of the really key fundamental relationships in her life. The ending of this book is so beautiful. It makes you remember what’s really important about family and your partnerships.”

Let us know what you think of Reese’s incredible journey, and if you’ve read her latest book club pick, share your thoughts below! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more exclusive celebrity updates and heartfelt confessions!

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