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Kate Middleton’s Heartbreak Over Prince George’s School Choice: Eton College Wins Despite Concerns

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, is reportedly “heartbroken” over Prince William’s decision to send their son, Prince George, to single-sex Eton College when he turns 13. An inside source claims that despite Kate’s reservations, the decision has been made, causing tension between the royal couple.

Speculation arose in December about the potential selection of Marlborough College in Wiltshire over Eton College, which was attended by Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales visited Marlborough College for the second time last month, accompanied by Prince William and ten-year-old Prince George.

Kate, who reportedly had a challenging time at the all-girls boarding school Downe House, is said to be against single-sex schools like Eton. The royal insider alleges that Kate “absolutely hated” her time at Downe House, where she faced bullying. The source claims that Kate fears for George’s well-being and doesn’t want him to endure a similar experience.

Despite Kate’s concerns, the insider told In Touch Weekly that the decision to send George to Eton College has been finalized. The source claims that Kate is “heartbroken” at the thought of sending George away to a boarding school, given her own negative boarding school experience.

While it has been a tradition for royal children to attend boarding schools, the choice of Eton College has been a point of contention between Kate and William. According to the insider, the couple has argued about boarding school for their children for years, with Kate resisting the idea despite its royal tradition.

The insider suggests that William has now prevailed in this debate, stating, “William has finally won.” Kate, who disagrees with the idea of sending George to a traditional, upper-class institution like Eton, feels that it contradicts their efforts to modernize the monarchy.

William, who attended Eton College himself, convinced Kate to agree to their son following in his father’s footsteps. The insider claims that Kate “finally gave in” after acknowledging that George expressed a desire to attend Eton College.

Typically, pupils enroll at Eton when they turn 13, and Kate is reportedly skipping a planned visit to Singapore next year to support George during the entrance exam. The exam includes a 150-minute verbal and mental reasoning test.

Currently, Prince George attends the co-educational prep school Lambrook, along with his siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. The decision to send him to Eton College is seen as a significant choice in shaping the future of the young royal.

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