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Kate Middleton reveals Prince George’s unusual chore during the half-term holiday

This week, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three children will be on half-term break from school; however, Kate once revealed that the holidays aren’t always fun and games for the children.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will have a break from their normal schedules this week because it is the half-term holidays.

The royal children, who all attend Lambrook School, will take advantage of this week off before the end of the school year ahead of their extended summer vacation.

Despite the fact that nine-year-old George is a future King, his parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, do not appear to have allowed him to get away with not doing any holiday chores.

That’s because his mother once revealed that he was assigned an odd task to complete while spending time away from school at the family’s Anmer Hall Norfolk home on the Sandringham estate.

During a visit to a goat farm in Wales with Prince William last year, Kate revealed that George was in charge of transferring animal feed on the estate.

It happened when William discovered a robot silage sweeper in one of the barns and pointed it out to the farmer.

The farmer then added that it could also be used to transport feed, to which Kate responded, “That was George’s job during half term – moving feed.”

After telling his host that his children had been helping out on the farm at Sandringham, where his own father Charles has been attempting to make the estate into a totally organic operation, William said, “We are also trying some Agroforestry.”

The half-term break comes after George played a leading role in his grandpa King Charles’ Coronation a few weeks ago.

He served as a page of honor for his grandfather, along with three other boys who assisted in carrying his robes as he entered and exited the Abbey.

Despite the fact that the role is normally reserved for boys aged 12 to 15, George was chosen after demonstrating a “deep interest” in the ceremony.

“The King is very keen to show those in the line of succession, his natural heirs, at the center of his Coronation,” a well-placed insider said before the Coronation.

“Even though he is only nine years old, George is very mature and already understands his grandfather’s and father’s roles, as well as his own future role.”

“This task is a wonderful sign of the future laid out by the King.”

Meanwhile, hours after Charles was crowned, George appeared in a unique photograph taken in Buckingham Palace’s throne room.

It depicts Charles flanked by the Prince of Wales and George and emphasizes the Royal Family’s line of succession.

Good job, Prince George. You are delightful in taking on these roles. What do you think of the nine-year-olds responsibilities? Go ahead and leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, please support us by signing up for our newsletter so you’ll be notified whenever we post the latest celebrity news! Bye for now!

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