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Jennifer Lopez Shuts Down Divorce Rumors with Terse Response in Mexico City

In a tense moment during a press conference for her new film “Atlas” in Mexico City, Jennifer Lopez was put on the spot by a reporter’s direct question about the persistent rumors surrounding her marriage to Ben Affleck. The usually poised and gracious star uncharacteristically leaned forward and delivered a stern rebuke, firmly telling the journalist “You know better than that”.

The reporter’s question struck a nerve, as speculation about the state of Lopez and Affleck’s relationship has been swirling in recent weeks. Whispers of living separately and undergoing therapy have fueled concerns that the couple’s fairy-tale reunion might be heading for a tragic ending.

However, Lopez’s co-star Simu Liu quickly intervened, urging the reporter to steer clear of the sensitive topic. “Let’s not go there, please,” Liu said, followed by a plea to “Please, let’s keep the energy positive”. The Canadian actor’s diplomatic response underscored the delicate nature of the situation and the desire to maintain a respectful atmosphere during the promotional event.

Despite the tense exchange, Lopez has remained steadfast in her commitment to promoting “Atlas” without Affleck by her side. Her appearance at the film’s Los Angeles premiere on Monday night, where she was seen wearing her wedding ring, was a clear signal that she is standing by her husband.

The couple’s last public appearance together was at an event for one of their children in LA on May 16, further fueling speculation that their marriage is on the rocks. However, Lopez’s refusal to engage with the reporter’s question and her continued display of her wedding ring suggest that she is determined to keep her personal life private and maintain a united front with Affleck.

As the world watches with bated breath, the question remains: Is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage truly in trouble, or is this just another chapter in their storied and often tumultuous relationship? Only time will tell if the couple can weather the storm and emerge stronger than ever, or if their reunion was destined to be short-lived.

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