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Dwayne Johnson says he’s had multiple bouts of depression throughout his life: “You’re Never Alone”

In a recent interview, Dwayne Johnson revealed that he has struggled with depression throughout his life, which started in college.

The Black Adam star has spoken about his struggles with depression during an interview for The Pivot podcast. He said it all started while he was a student at the University of Miami and suffered a shoulder injury that prevented him from playing football.

“I didn’t want to go to school,” he stated. “I was prepared to leave. I quit school. I didn’t take any midterms, and I just left.” The interesting part, however, is that I had no idea what it was at the time. I was ignorant of mental health.

I was unaware of what depression was. I knew I didn’t want to be there, wouldn’t attend any team meetings, and wouldn’t participate in anything.”

The actor who provided his voice for the Disney animated film Moana noted that, as an athlete, the fact that he was unable to train as a result of his injuries made the struggles he was going through even more difficult.

“I went through it again years later when I got divorced. “I didn’t recognize it,” he continued. “Years later, roughly in 2017, went through a small amount. I knew what it was at the time, and fortunately, I had friends I could lean on and tell, “You know, I’m feeling a little unsteady right now. Got a little struggle happening. I am seeing a bit of gray rather than blue.'”

The actor revealed that his three daughters and “being a girl dad” were his “saving grace” during his bouts of depression. “When you look at them, you realize, ‘This is what it’s all about,'”

As for how he deals with his mental health issues, Johnson said that he tries to practice gratitude and look for the good.

The Red Notice star went into greater detail in an Instagram post promoting the podcast episode about his depression and how he has developed emotional tools over the years to help him manage it, reiterating that he didn’t know what mental health challenges were for several years.

We didn’t discuss it because we were men. We simply kept our heads down and persevered. However, it was all we knew,” he wrote. “If you are experiencing your own version of mental health deteriorating into mental hell, the most essential thing you can do is communicate with someone.

It cannot be fixed if the pain is kept inside. Your superpower is the ability to talk to somebody. I’ve lost two friends to suicide. Talk to someone. Despite your feelings, you are never alone.”

That’s true. You are never alone. You are an inspiration to us, Dwayne. What are your thoughts on this? Please share them in the comments section. Have a nice day!

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