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Billie Eilish Spills ‘Bad Guy’ Is the Stupidest Hit Ever, But OMG, It’s Amazing!

Billie Eilish is dishing out the juiciest secrets from the world of pop music! The 21-year-old superstar shocked the audience during her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she candidly declared her 2019 smash hit, “Bad Guy,” was “like the stupidest song in the world.” But wait, there’s more!

In a tell-all chat with Jimmy, Billie and her brother Finneas O’Connell, 26, revealed how they sometimes cringe at their own lyrics and past songs. The pop sensation didn’t hold back, saying, “Well, objectively, ‘Bad Guy’ is like the stupidest song in the world,” leaving the audience gasping!

But hold onto your seats, folks, because Billie didn’t stop there. She quickly added, “But it’s really good. Oh, my god, don’t gasp,” and explained her cheeky take on the track, saying, “That song is I’m trolling. That song is supposed to be goofy, but it’s just funny because it’s dumb. It’s literally, like, ‘Duh.’ Like, what does that mean?”

The audience couldn’t help but giggle at Billie’s playful remarks. Jimmy even joined in, sharing how his children eagerly await the “Duh” part of the song. Billie agreed, saying, “It definitely works.”

The siblings also expressed their love for their creations, disagreeing with artists who publicly hate on their own music. According to Billie, this is a big no-no, and she asked, “Like, why are you doing this then?”

So, fans, you heard it straight from Billie’s lips: “Bad Guy” is both ridiculously silly and incredibly good. It’s all part of her trolling genius! Stay tuned for more fascinating behind-the-scenes stories from the pop sensation’s world of music. This is one tea-spilling interview you won’t want to miss!

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