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Usher reveals how he beat Justin Timberlake to sign Justin Bieber

In a recent interview, Usher, the legendary R&B singer, opened up about how he won the ‘bidding war’ with Justin Timberlake, the pop icon, to sign Justin Bieber, the teenage sensation, to his record label in 2008.

Usher, who is known for his hits such as Yeah!, Burn, and Confessions, said he first saw Bieber on YouTube, where the young Canadian had uploaded videos of himself singing covers of various songs. Usher was impressed by Bieber’s talent and charisma, and decided to contact him and his mother, Pattie Mallette, to offer him a deal.

However, Usher was not the only one who had noticed Bieber’s potential. Justin Timberlake, who had risen to fame as a member of NSYNC and then as a solo artist, also wanted to sign Bieber to his own label. Timberlake had also seen Bieber’s videos and had arranged a meeting with him and his mother.

Usher said he had to compete with Timberlake to convince Bieber and his mother that he was the better choice. He said he offered Bieber more money and passion than Timberlake, and also told him that there can only be one Justin in the music industry. Usher said he used his charm and experience to persuade Bieber and his mother that he could help him achieve his dreams.

Usher eventually won the bidding war and became Bieber’s mentor and partner. He helped Bieber release his debut album, My World, in 2009, which was a huge success and made Bieber a global star. Usher also collaborated with Bieber on several songs, such as Somebody to Love, U Smile, and The Christmas Song.

Usher said he was proud of Bieber’s achievements and growth as an artist and as a person. He said he still considers Bieber as his protégé and friend, and that he is always there for him. Usher also said he hopes to work with Bieber again in the future, and that he is excited to see what he will do next.

Usher’s interview has sparked a lot of interest and curiosity among fans and critics, who have wondered how different Bieber’s career and life would have been if he had chosen Timberlake instead of Usher. Some have speculated that Bieber would have followed a more pop-oriented and mainstream path, while others have argued that Bieber would have still found his own voice and style.

Regardless of the what-ifs, one thing is certain: Usher’s decision to sign Bieber was one of the most influential and impactful events in the history of pop music, as it gave birth to one of the most successful and influential artists of his generation. 🎵

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