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Julia Roberts Opens Up About Daughter Hazel’s Bohemian Style and Closet Raids at Chopard Celebration

Julia Roberts, the ageless beauty of Hollywood, graced the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood over the weekend, celebrating her collaboration with jewelry giant Chopard. At 56, the “Pretty Woman” star exuded elegance and youthful charm as she mingled with guests and shared rare insights into her family life, particularly her 19-year-old daughter, Hazel.

In a candid chat with Extra, Julia revealed that Hazel has her own unique jewelry style, describing it as “more bohemian in her aesthetic.” Despite their differing tastes, Julia joyfully admitted that Hazel often raids her closet for fashion inspiration, showcasing a harmonious blend of mother-daughter style synergy.

The Oscar-winning actress, who recently marked Valentine’s Day with a heartfelt tribute to her husband Danny Moder, expressed her delight in making the Chopard event a memorable date night. Julia fondly shared, “My husband just wrapped a movie and we get in the car and drive home together, so that will be nice.”

Julia and Danny, who tied the knot in 2002, share three children: Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry, each of whom brings their own unique personality to the family dynamic.

Among the esteemed guests at the soirée was music legend Elton John, adding to the star-studded ambiance of the event. Julia described the night as “fun” and “exciting,” highlighting the joy of collaborating with Chopard as their global ambassador and co-designer of stunning jewelry pieces.

Reflecting on her experience crafting jewelry alongside Chopard’s co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele, Julia expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute her creative input. “I feel like it’s a promotion. I feel like I’ve come up the ranks a little bit,” she remarked with a sense of pride.

The intimate candlelit dinner party provided the perfect backdrop for Julia to showcase the dazzling Chopard necklace she helped create. Beaming with pride, she shared, “This is what we came up with, and it’s always great to put on beautiful jewelry.” Julia’s collaboration with Chopard allowed her to infuse her personal touch into the designs, creating pieces that reflect her distinctive style.

Julia’s appreciation for jewelry traces back to Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor, whose legendary glamour continues to inspire generations. Reflecting on Taylor’s influence, Julia remarked, “The first time anybody sees Elizabeth Taylor, you kind of go, ‘Wow, that’s amazing.'” Taylor’s timeless elegance and penchant for exquisite jewelry left an indelible mark on Julia, shaping her own love for the artistry and allure of fine jewels.

As Julia Roberts continues to captivate audiences both on and off the screen, her latest venture with Chopard exemplifies her enduring passion for beauty, creativity, and family. With Hazel by her side, raiding her closet and embracing her own unique style, Julia embodies the essence of timeless grace and maternal warmth, leaving a lasting legacy in Hollywood and beyond.

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