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Jenna Ortega is the Perfect Wednesday Addams, Here’s Why

Have you watched the new take on Wednesday on Netflix yet? In today’s video, we take a look at why Jenna Ortega makes the perfect titular character of this generation.

Wednesday has recently surpassed Stranger Things as Netflix’s most popular English-language show, thanks in large part to Wednesday’s dedication to the cult classic. Wednesday tells a new story of Wednesday from the Addams Family, following her as a teenager forced to attend the boarding school Nevermore, which is full of other outcasts with supernatural powers – including herself. Wednesday may be a completely new story, but there are plenty of Easter eggs from the Addams Family cartoons, shows, and movies that helped make it a cult classic. The dance on Wednesday is an important part of this.

Jenna Ortega and her Wednesday co-stars are spilling the beans on behind-the-scenes secrets from the Netflix series, including a memorable scene in which her titular character, Wednesday Addams, performs a captivating yet bizarre dance.

Ortega revealed in a new video posted to Still Watching Netflix, one of the streaming service’s official YouTube channels, that she was the one who choreographed Wednesday’s now-iconic dance, which was featured in the fourth episode. The scene takes place after Wednesday reluctantly attends the Rave’N dance at Nevermore Academy and, despite her lack of social skills, captures everyone’s attention with her unique dancing abilities.

“I actually felt really insecure about this,” the 20-year-old actress admitted while watching the dance sequence with co-stars Emma Myers, who plays Enid, and Hunter Doohan, who plays Tyler. “I choreographed that myself, and it’s clear that I’m not a dancer or choreographer.”

“No, it’s incredible!” Doohan argued, despite the fact that Myers previously stated that the scene is one of her favorites from the series.

“I can watch an entire show of just this,” said Xavier co-star Percy Hynes White.

Jenna Ortega’s dance in Wednesday was entirely choreographed by herself, with inspirations drawn from ’80s goth clubs and previous Addams Family episodes. Ortega claims she is not a dancer or a choreographer, and that performing the dance made her feel very insecure (via ScreenRant). In addition, Ortega reveals in an interview with NME that she only received The Cramps’ song a week before filming, so she had to choreograph and perform the dance at that time, as well as having COVID and being quite ill during filming. Wednesday Addams is perfectly captured by Ortega’s choreography, and its eccentric nature only adds to Wednesday’s individuality within Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Ortega couldn’t help but laugh as she watched Wednesday put her own spin on the dance moves as she rocked the dance floor with Tyler.

What are your thoughts about the dance scene? Do you think you can pull that choreography off? Comment your responses down below. Make sure to hit “like” and “subscribe” as well.

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