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Blac Chyna’s Desperate Money-Making Move Revealed! Tyga Custody Battle Takes a Shocking Turn!

In a jaw-dropping twist, Blac Chyna’s financial woes have taken center stage, as legal documents reveal she’s resorted to selling her own belongings to stay afloat amidst a contentious custody battle with her ex, Tyga.

The legal documents, recently unearthed by TMZ, offer a glimpse into Chyna’s financial struggles and the co-parenting drama with Tyga. The duo is currently locked in a legal battle over their 10-year-old son, King.

According to these documents, Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renée White, has been barely managing to pay the bills by selling her clothing, handbags, and shoes to friends, family, and through an online consignment store. So far, she’s raked in $178k this year, rescuing her finances from the brink. But Chyna insists this is just a temporary fix, fearing she’ll eventually run out of items to sell.

In addition to her financial struggles, Chyna is also raising some serious co-parenting issues with Tyga. She claims that her ex has been interfering with her already limited 24 hours a week of time with their son. Moreover, she alleges that Tyga refuses to communicate directly with her, withholding crucial information such as his contact details and their child’s address.

Chyna goes on to accuse Tyga of concealing vital information about their son’s health, safety, school location, and prescription details. However, sources close to the situation have contradicted several of Chyna’s claims. They assert that she is fully aware of where her son lives and that Tyga is footing the bill for their child’s private school tuition, medical expenses, and daily living costs.

In addition, Chyna is demanding Tyga shell out a whopping $125,000 to cover her legal and accounting fees. She’s also seeking court orders to establish a consistent schedule for their son, ensuring Tyga can’t stand in the way. Chyna filed for joint custody and child support over the summer, revealing previously unknown details about King’s living situation.

Moreover, Chyna’s demands are clear: she’s gunning for a 50/50 split in both physical and legal custody of King, and she wants Tyga to foot the bill for the legal expenses incurred during this drama. But there’s more to the story.

The paperwork delves into the rocky history between Chyna and Tyga, detailing their failed attempts to establish a formal custody order back in 2014. They later “informally agreed” to work things out privately, leading to the case’s dismissal in 2019. But now, Chyna claims that Tyga has a knack for meddling in her relationship with King, and this is not the first time she’s felt that way.

As this issue unfolds, stay tuned for more jaw-dropping updates on our channel! And if you’ve got the inside scoop or just want to sound off, remember to hit the comments section below – we want to hear your thoughts on this explosive drama!

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